Navigating the Path of Recovery: Best Eating Disorder Apps

With the rise in health consciousness, technology has been a prominent beacon, directing individuals to healthier lives. But what about those battling eating disorders? Fortunately, several innovative apps dedicated to such challenges have been developed, providing therapeutic solutions and community support for those in need. Here are some of the best apps that aid in eating disorder recovery:

The Recovery Record

The Recovery Record is a comprehensive platform designed for managing the recovery of all types of eating disorders, including anorexia, bulimia, binge eating, and body image issues. It offers meal logs, coping tactics, and positive affirmations, along with providing a digital link to your treatment team for real-time monitoring.

Rise Up + Recover

Rise Up + Recover is an app specifically designed to manage your journey of recovery from eating disorders. It functions as an intelligent tool, allowing you to log meals, emotions, and behaviors, providing the dataset for recognizing patterns that may act as triggers. The app also offers the facility to share your treatment progress with your health professionals.

Eating Disorder Examination Questionnaire (EDE-Q)

The EDE-Q app is a clinical assessment tool that aids health professionals in diagnosing and understanding the complexities of eating disorders. The app consists of 28 self-report questions related to eating behaviors and attitudes. EDE-Q helps with self-awareness and can act as a stepping stone towards professional help.


This app goes beyond just food. Nourishly is a comprehensive wellness tool that allows you to track your meals, mood, hydration, sleep, and physical activity. Nourishly focuses on establishing healthy habits rather than concentrating solely on recovery, promoting a positive attitude towards body and mind wellness.

In the path to recovery from an eating disorder, your smartphone can serve as a great tool. These apps offer a secure, private environment to monitor progress, identify triggers, and maintain a safe recovery path.

While these apps are highly beneficial, they should not completely replace professional help. If you or someone you care about is struggling with an eating disorder, make sure to seek professional help. These apps can be used as complementary tools to your traditional therapy, enhancing your journey towards recovery, self-love, and wellness.

Remember, your journey to recovery is unique, and so are you. Take one step at a time, go slow, and be kind to yourself. Let the power of technology help you reclaim your life and health. With the right support and tools, you can overcome your eating disorder. Embrace recovery, for you are worth it.